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Liang Li

1 Baisc Information

  • SDE-II at Amazon
  • Master in Computer Software and Theory Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Address Beijing, China.
    Email ll <at> lianglee <dot> org
    GPG Public Key [expires: 2017-12-05]

2 Education

3 Awards

  • The 2rd Place Award of the Amazon Wireless Hackday 2015
  • Best Demo Award in Amazon CNTech, Jun. 2015
  • The 2rd Place Award of the China teams and 7th Place of 53 global teams in Global Intern Hackathon of Amazon in 2013
  • National Scholarship in Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012
  • Gold Medal of Connect6 in 16th and 14th International Computer Olympiad in 2011 and 2009
  • Meritorious Winner in American Mathematical Contest of Modeling in 2009
  • First Prize Winner in Chinese Mathematical Contest of Modeling in 2008
  • Silver Medal of Connect6 in 13th International Computer Olympiad in 2008
  • Outstanding graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) in 2010
  • Top Ten Outstanding Members of BIT in 2009 (Ten students altogether)
  • T-More Scholarship of BIT in 2009 (Six students altogether)
  • Outstanding Members of BIT in 2009 and 2008
  • National Scholarship for Encouragement of BIT in 2008
  • First Class Fellowship twice, Second Class Fellowship three times in BIT in 2006-2010

4 Work

4.1 Coding in Amazon

  • To be continued:P

4.2 Open-source softwares

  • ConnectMore, a GUI for the Connect6 game engine Cloudict, based on Python 3. Other connect6 programs with similar commands are also supported. By using Python standard modules, like Tk/tcl subprocess threading etc. it can be ran on different platforms including Linux/Windows/Mac. (BSD-style License)
  • Cloudict, an efficient and powerfull game engine for the game Connect6. Using some technologies, including alpha-beta search, VCF, preprunning, etc. the game engine has relatively high AI and won some honors in Computer Olympiad with different names in different periods. (BSD-style License)
  • LingCloud, an IaaS cloud computing platform (2010.08-2011.10). LingCloud (original name: Vega LingCloud) is a suite of cloud computing system software. It provides a resource single leasing point system for consolidated leasing physical and virtual machines, and supports various heterogeneous application modes including high-performance computing, large scale data processing, massive data storage, etc. on shared infrastructure. The platform has an open-source release in order to promote the development of cloud computing industry in China and strengthen the communication between academia and industry. To our best knowledge, it is the first open-source IaaS platform in China. It has been certificated as an OpenNebula cloud solution provider. (Apache License v2.0)
  • simReversi, an efficient, simple game engine for Reversi. (BSD-style License)
  • For more open-source works, please access my GitHub profile.

4.3 Research projects in School

  • Optimization for Join Operation of Big Table on Hadoop and Hive (2012.05-2012.12): Based on astronomical cross match requirements, propose Hash-based Join Operation Optimization for two big tables, and accomplish that algorithm on Hadoop, as well as join optimization for Hive. We achive 6.9 times performance improvement than Common Join for 0.43 billion records each table of the real astronomical data.
  • Parallel Game Tree Search on GPU (2011.10-2012.03): Accomplish the branch calculation and leaf calculation of game tree on GPU, optimize the parallel computing. Effect: the speedup of branch calculation on GPU can reach 35 times and the speedup of leaf calculation can reach 624 times, without other overhead. Propose and accomplish a new parallel game tree search algorithm based on GPU, and its optimization. Effect: the speedup of parallel tree search can reach 91.5 times at most, without considering pruning; for pruning, the speedup can be 7.0 times. The program of computer game wins the gold medal of Connect6 in the 16th International Computer Olympiad in 2011.
  • LingCloud: for the cloud computing system software mentioned above, I focus on the monitor module of LingCloud system; normalize the data format and the applicant interface in this module. With Bridge Pattern, support several open source monitor system, such as Ganglia and Nagios. Implement loosely coupled with other parts of the system, and support long-term and stable operation in productive environment. Assist developing resource management module, accomplish cluster allocation and other partial functions. Assist accomplishing code refactoring, and opening source under Apache license.
  • HBase Query Optimization (2010.02-2010.08): Accomplish SQL-liked query interface development of CCIndex based on HBase, support SQL-like query and the And, Or, Not logical operator, as well as bracket operator. Optimize the query composition; reduce the overlap query region for the same key.
  • Computer Game Theory (2008.10-2009.12): Write the computer game program of Connect6; accomplish its move generator, shape statistics and dynamic opening book modules. With Genetic Algorithm, optimize the factors of evaluation function, and increase the AI of the game. This program wins the gold medal of Connect6 in 14th International Computer Olympiad in 2009. Accomplish the computer game program of the Phantom Go. Using the Monte-Carlo Algorithm, shield the complexity of the game Go and increase the AI. This program achieves the silver medal of Phantom Go in 14th International Computer Olympiad in 2009.

5 Publications: Google Scholar

  • Liang Li, Hong Liu, Hao Wang, Taoying Liu, Wei Li. A parallel algorithm for game tree search using gpgpu. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 07/2014.
  • Liang Li, Dixin Tang, Taoying Liu, Hong Liu, Wei Li, Chenzhou Cui. Optimizing The Join Operation on Hive to Accelerate Cross-Matching in Astronomy. IEEE HPDIC 2014.
  • Liang Li, Hong Liu, Peiyu Liu, Taoying Liu, Wei Li, Hao Wang. A Node-based Parallel Game Tree Algorithm Using GPUs. IEEE Cluster 2012.
  • Liang Li, Hong Huang, Litao Deng. Dynamic opening-book in computer games. Control and Decision Conference (CCDC), 2011.
  • Liang Li, Hanming Chen, Guixiang Wang. Camera Calibration Based on Circular Markers. International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering, 2009.

6 Services

  • Volunteer of the Hadoop in China conference, Beijing, China, 2010-2011.

7 Hobbies

  • Thinking
  • Reading
  • Coding
  • Open-source software
  • Gaming

8 Notes

  • For my name “Liang Li” or “Li, Liang”, Li is the family name and Liang is the given name; sometimes, I also spell them as *"Lee"* and *"Lang"* for convenience. So don't panic if you see different forms :P

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